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Rocker Chic

May 7, 2010

It recently occurred to me that I never mentioned how I met T. I wish I could say I met him in some normal way:  at a coffee shop, an open mic, even walking down the street. But no. T and I met via the sketchiest vehicle ever. Craigslist.

I was desperate to start singing again and was scouring the Craigslist musician classifieds when I found T’s ad looking for a female singer. I immediately responded and we met that night. Looking back now it doesn’t sound like a smart idea at all, but I did Google the crap out of him beforehand. (He’s a high school teacher so it wasn’t all too hard digging up info)

I have a hard time believing that he didn’t in part post that ad to just meet girls, but regardless we do work well together and he’s ridiculously talented, so who cares? We’ve been singing together for the past two months now and we finally have our first gig! Wooo!

Of course I should be worrying about getting all my shit memorized and ready, but let’s face it- it’s way more important to look cute. I mean, who wants to watch some ugly badly dressed girl sing? And frankly I can’t even begin to concentrate on music until I know I have a great outfit ready to rock out to.

Originally I was thinking of going with some great vintage tee and black skinny jeans, but as much as I wish I could rock that look, it’s so not me. Now I’m torn between these two looks. We’re playing at a reception for some fashion show so I need to look hot. But without looking like I’m trying too hard. Which clearly I am, but nobody needs to know…

Now, which screams Lucy more? Or rather which screams “Cooler/Sexier version of Lucy” more?



May 6, 2010

That pretty much sums up my life right now. Completely dysfunctional. It’s a good thing I’ve signed up for therapy if only to have somebody agree that yes, my life is fucked.

When I called to get the referral, the woman on the other line asked what made me call. “Aside from my mother making me? Well, I’m twenty-five. I think most of what I’m going through is normal mid-twenties dysfunction, but that doesn’t stop it from sucking.”

I didn’t tell her about my break-up. Or about the fact that I’m scared I’ll never be able to be in a relationship because of all my daddy issues. Or that I hate my mom for all of the crap advice she’s doling out when she has no right to be doling out relationship advice at all. Or about T. Or that when Frog and I broke up my mom invited him out to family karaoke night and proceeded to fix him up with girls.


Now that’s dysfunction at its finest.


May 5, 2010

Facebook says it’s official now. I knew he would change it right away, so I can’t say I was too surprised when I saw “single” glaring at me from my computer screen this morning. Still, it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I don’t really like having everyone know my business. I instead made my relationship status blank and hid it all. I figure the people that need to know will be told in person. Do I really need acquaintances “liking” the fact that I broke up with someone? Nope.

Anyway, this is the strangest breakup I’ve ever been through. We went out with my family last night, I picked him up to bring him to work this morning (he doesn’t have a car right now) and I’ll be seeing him again after work. So I guess the only thing making it feel real right now is Facebook.


Disney and Chocolate

May 4, 2010

“I am the worst mother ever,” my mom said shaking her head as she handed me a beer and a brownie while I moped on her couch.

“Why?” I asked while inhaling a mouthful of brownie.

“Well, I’m pretty sure I screwed you up to begin with, but now instead of trying to give you a realistic view of the world I’m feeding you chocolate and making you watch Disney movies!”

Later when I cried in the middle of The Princess and the Frog (pathetic, right?) she laughed again and said “I am so sorry I made you this way.”

Protected: Right

May 3, 2010

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May 3, 2010

I got so caught up in trying to get this darn thing pretty that I forgot all about passwords and such. (Still haven’t figured it out, but eventually I’ll get a header up there!)

Since I’m sure Frog Prince will be trying his darndest to get into these, I’m going to be password protecting some of the posts. It’s a total pain in the ass and I’m not sure if anyone is even interested in reading the private posts, but if you are please email me at and I’ll send you back the password that I’ll be using for everything.

And thanks so so much for following me over to my new place. It means the world and more!

Protected: A Conversation

May 3, 2010

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