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Houdini Puppy

May 20, 2010

We have a long standing problem with our little mutt, Bailey.

From day one, we knew she was smart and it came in handy when it took her only one week to become fully potty trained at 10 weeks old and another extra day to teach her to ring her bell to go outside. At 11 weeks she could sit, lie down, stay, shake, and give high five. We thought we were so lucky.

And then she began to escape. First she managed to unhinge her cheap plastic crate one day while we were at work. I came home to find a very proud puppy sitting on top of the dining room table.

We thought that buying a more durable metal crate would be better and splurged on a nice one. Within a week she learned to open the hinges. We would put her in, walk out of the room for minutes, and return to find her happily prancing out of her crate.

We tried bungie cords, zip ties, cheap padlocks. She mastered each one.

Then  Frog Prince bought heavy duty rust-proof master locks and we laughed at her while she cried from inside her crate. We all knew her luck had run out.

But we underestimated the power of her drool. Sure enough, she messed with the locks enough that the keys got stuck when we put them in. “No big deal,” we thought, “It’s not like she can figure out how to turn a key!” But turn a key she did. Her escape routine took only 5 minutes while she rotated the lock to face her, twisted the key with her mouth, removed the lock, and ran for freedom.

We were dumbfounded.

We’ve moved onto a bicycle chain wrapped around and through the bars of the crate and held in place with two master locks, but I know it’s only a matter of time before she escapes again.

Next time I’m getting a cute dumb dog. The potty training may go slower, but at least I’ll know where he is.

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