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Sweet Jesus, That’s Inappropriate

May 13, 2010

As I mentioned before, I’ve decided (along with my mother’s pushing) to see a therapist. While I’m sure most of my problems are the usual problems of a 25 year old girl with daddy issues, it never hurts to talk to somebody else and get a new perspective. And hell, I do like to talk about myself.

Anyway, our company provides free counseling through Magellan Health Services. Basically, you call them and they hook you up with providers and then pay for it. Easy peasy, right?

Except that today, a week after my “case manager” sent me a list of therapists in my area, I got another email from her. All about Jesus. It was an honest to goodness “Praise Jesus and let him show you the light” email.

I was shocked. And then I was angry. “Who the hell does this lady think she is sending me a Jesus email?” I repeated quietly.

I wouldn’t expect an email like that from anyone. (Except from my crazy Jesus loving absent father who I told to never send me another chain letter again, and if he would like to talk to me please pick up the phone thankyouverymuch.) The fact that it came from a mental health professional? Fucking ridiculous.

I mean, I like Jesus. But I also like Buddha and Allah and Shiva and whoever or whatever else you want to pray to.  I think I’m pretty accepting of others’ beliefs. But when you mix religion with something that should have absolutely no religious connection, well then I’m pissed.

I don’t care what you practice in private or even in public, you do not send Jesus emails to your clients! Even accidental Jesus emails are a no no. I mean, does she really need to be using her work email to send her personal email? And is it really too hard to double-check the list of people you’re sending something too?

I emailed her back and called her supervisor and I’m hoping she gets some sort of scolding, but I’m still super pissed.

WWAGPD? (What would a good person do?) Yeah I’m trying to let it go.


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