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April 12, 2010

I haven’t felt this way since Jeff. Jeff, that loving musician hippie that pulled me out of a bad relationship when I was only 20.

Our relationship was electric. Each touch, each smile electricity through my veins.

He was much older and had lived too much life for even a 26 year old. Drugs and lies and addictions that tore us apart. But I think of him often. Him and his laugh, all of that love he wasn’t afraid to show.

T is so much like him. This time there are no lies or drugs, just that huge heart and smile that I remember from Jeff. That electric aura that I get caught up in. The one that says “This man needs to be a part of your life. He can teach you things you never dreamed.”

We sing, we write, we read poetry and talk about God. He’s going to teach me to meditate, to be present and without stress. He calls me spunky.

He knows I have a boyfriend. Knows our friendship is only that, but I still smile hours after I see him, hoping he’s doing the same.

When he hugged me good-bye I sank into his arms thinking “There is so much good in his heart.” And I felt it radiate within me, electricity through my veins.

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