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Wild Women

March 10, 2010

“Lucy, someone’s hitting on your mom again!” –The Karaoke DJ

That pretty much sums up my past few evenings. I went out with my mom and her crazy meetup group on Monday and then somehow got roped into spending Tuesday out with them too. Oh, who am I kidding, they’re a crazy fun bunch of people. And while some of the people were more than a little shady, I came away with more stories that usual. Old people are silly.

Most of the people in her group are single and in their 40s-50s and Frog Prince and I call them the freshmen. They act just like teenagers: Running around taking pictures, drinking too much, flirting like crazy, and singing “I Will Survive” in giggly groups. And my mom is like their homecoming queen.

Within minutes of my arrival she had introduced me to 50 people and was running around with a cosmo in hand greeting everyone that walked into the bar. By the end of the night she knew every bartender and waiter in the place, and they definitely knew her.

“Lucy, your mom is adorably obnoxious,” the restaurant owner told me as my mom shoved him up onto the karaoke stage.

I still can’t get past how happy she seems and how outgoing she is. Years ago, my mom would not have been out on a Monday night. Or any night for that matter. She was overweight, depressed, really self-conscious and shy. I’m so proud of my hot, happy mama now. I know she gets lonely sometimes, but seeing her out was great. And she was certainly the belle of the ball.

Frog Prince and I left around 10 with promises to return again the following night. Which we did and which I will tell you all about later. Let me just say, even though my mom is going out again tonight I need to recoup. I can’t keep up with those wild women!

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