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I’m not that desperate

March 1, 2010

In an attempt to change careers, I’ve been applying to jobs left and right. I had my first job interview last week and it was the oddest interview I have ever had.

I’ve had quite a few jobs and I think I’m pretty good at the interview process, but this was the strangest experience. The more I thought about it afterward, the more I thought to myself “There is no way I can work for these people.”

It started off fine. It was a human resources representative and the woman I’ll be working for. He was doofy, she was old, they were both crazy.

They asked me the same questions twenty times, twenty different ways.

“What financial procedures are you currently responsible for?”
Well, I process payroll for the department, process all invoices, deposit any cash and checks, and do departmental transfers when necessary.

“What financial systems do you currently use at your job?”
We mostly use Oracle.

“Are you familiar with Oracle?”
Umm, yes. I use it to process payroll, invoices, and deposits.

“What do you use Oracle for?”
Umm… payroll, invoices and deposits mostly.

“Do you have anything to do with payroll?”
Wait, really?

This happened multiple times. She had prepared all of her questions in advance, but then couldn’t veer away from the straight line of questioning after I had already answered one.

Then she kept badgering me about questions. I would answer something and then she would either try to trip me up or just keep playing “bad cop” to make me flustered.

“Do you know what our office does?”
Yes, I think I have a pretty good idea.

“Who told you??”
Excuse me?

“Who told you what our office does?” (Not ‘please explain what you think our office does,’ but ‘who told you?’ As if it were some top secret project.)
Well, I did research before I applied….

“Oh. Very well then.”

She then asked about my abilities in Excel.
I’d say I’m very proficient in Excel. I’ve taken multiple courses and use it often in my job to keep track of finances. I’ve created several worksheets to track our orders and finances and then provide totals and quarterly statements.

“And you created these?”

“You, yourself?”

“Say it.”

“Say ‘I created these documents.”
Umm…I created them…

“Okay then.”

The weird thing is I think she liked me. I think that if I wanted the job, I could probably take it. But I ran out of there as fast as my heels would allow me.

I mean, yeah I’m miserable in my job. But the devil you know is sometimes better than the one you don’t.

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